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MainWindow Class Reference

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class  ChannelInfo
class  LevelInfo

Public Member Functions

 MainWindow (const pa_channel_map &map, const char *source_name, const char *description)
virtual void pushData (const float *d, unsigned l)
virtual void showLevels (const LevelInfo &i)
virtual void updateLatency (pa_usec_t l)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void addChannel (const Glib::ustring &l)
virtual void decayLevels ()
virtual bool on_calc_timeout ()
virtual bool on_delete_event (GdkEventAny *e)
virtual bool on_display_timeout ()

Protected Attributes

sigc::connection calc_timeout_signal_connection
std::vector< ChannelInfo * > channels
sigc::connection display_timeout_signal_connection
Gtk::EventBox eventBox
Gtk::Image image
pa_usec_t latency
std::deque< LevelInfo * > levelQueue
float * levels
Gtk::HSeparator separator
Gtk::Label subtitleLabel
Gtk::Table table
Gtk::HBox titleHBox
Gtk::Label titleLabel
Gtk::VBox titleVBox
Gtk::VBox vbox

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file vumeter.cc.

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